CES 2016
January 8, 2016
CES 2016

Maybe your wondering "Why would a mining company be interested in a Consumer Electronics Show?".  That is a great question!  We are dedicated to helping our partners in the mining sector not only recover hidden assets but also to find uncoventional solutions to challanges they face everyday.  This year at CES there were well over 3700 exhibitors.  Of that number, over 400 are start-ups.  We were able to see where things are headed with new and innovative technology.  One example of this is Nanotechnology.  For years there has been a lot of research done in this field.  Finally, this year we are starting to see companies applying this research to industrial and consumer goods.  Imagine being able to coat your coveralls or gloves with a solution that makes them super hydrophobic and super oleophobic.  This means that water and oil cannot adhere to the fabric, at a microscopic level.  This is now a reality!  Imagine being able to completely waterproof and dust proof sensitive electronic sensors and devices without having to take them apart.  This too is a reality.  


We all know that safety is a priority on any mine site.  We have gauges to monitor how equipment is working and sensors to tell us how our milling operation is running. This protects expensive pieces of equipment and ensures that the entire milling operation is running the way it should.  People are just as important to any mine or mills success as the machines that they operate.  Imagine being able to monitor the vital signs and health data of all your key employess.  This technology now exists.  From one central location managers would be able to see important data like location, heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen content, breathing and even blood pressure.  Medical emergencies would be preventable.  Injuries would be immediately reported to a control center and help could be dispatched immediately.  


These are just two simple examples of some of the technology we are investigating.  We look forward to personally testing some of these products.  If they live up to our high standards we can recomend them to our partners in the mining industry.  Stay posted for more pictures and video from CES 2016.