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From decommissioning to environmental cleanup, you can count on Major Reclaim to do the job right, to get you the most value out of the process, and to provide the correct documentation to satisfy any and all government regulations on responsible industrial site restoration.

Precious Metal and Concentrate Buying & Selling
Major Reclaim can do all of this good work at no cost to you by purchasing and selling mine metals concentrates on the open market. Our marketing team is poised to get the best price for any remaining assets through our network.
We've worked on mine sites around the world, cleaning up a wide range of precious metals and other concentrates. If you need advice on responsible mine decommissioning and cleanup procedures, contact our team.
Mine site decommissioning is a highly regulated process and you need a professional team to ensure you meet all requirements. Major Reclaim not only provides thorough documentation for our process, but can do so at no cost to you by recovering and marketing your mine site metals and concentrates.
Environmental Remediation
When you're done with your site, we move in and restore and remediate the environmental impact. Environmentally responsible mine site restoration is a win for everyone, including mining companies.
Mine Equipment Sales Mine Decommisioning Gold Recovery

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