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Recovering Precious Metals

Major Reclaim specializes in recovering precious metals for industrial sites, including mine operations, through an environmentally responsible and professional process. Our experience and our passion for our work has led us to site cleanup and mine decommissioning projects around the world.


Our company is expert at turning decommissioned industrial sites into a cash asset.

Steve Depeel
Steve's been in the metal reclamation business for over 20 years. Steve has worked in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Tanzania, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Argentina, Mexico, Trinidad... Just to name a few countries. Steve speaks English and Russian fluently. He has an uncompromising work ethic. He's partnered with many different mining companies, scrap companies, environmental companies, refineries, and accounting firms to find hidden assets. Steve built the company up from nothing. He's an expert at finding unconventional solutions to tough problems or situations. He's present on every job site and actively involved in every step of the process. Honesty and integrity are at the centre of Steve's values regarding work and life.

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